Buy Savage Arms online from your #1 Savage firearms dealer. Savage arms have quite the reputation for building some impressive rifles. Whether you’re just starting out and need a good plinker to learn on or are headed to woods to hunt, Savage’s firearms often come highly recommended.

Reliable, durable, and easy to use, Savage brings a variety of models to consumers. With origins starting back in 1891 when founder Arthur William Savage patented a repeating rifle featuring a single-column magazine lever action, the company would officially begin a few years later known as the Savage Repeating Arms Co.

Since 1894, Savage Arms has manufactured powerful rifles and ammunition. Inventors of the AccuTrigger and AccuStock systems, Savage Arms has developed industry changing technology for more than a century. Shooters choose Savage Arms for its trusted design, its affordable prices, and its powerful results. Competitive shooters, hunters, and law enforcement officers trust the Savage name to deliver high caliber performance in a durable ergonomic design. When shooters need a rifle that works, they go Savage.

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We are proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality Savage firearms for sale. Our selection includes the popular Savage Arms Stevens Model 311 series, as well as the Savage bolt-action rifles, including the Savage Axis II Precision, the Savage 10/110 Tactical, and the Savage 10 GRS. We also offer the full line of Savage shotguns, such as the Savage Model 220 and the Savage 212. Our selection of Savage firearms ensures that you’ll find something for every shooter, whether you’re a novice or a professional. All of our firearms come with manufacturers’ warranty. We can also help you find the ideal accessories and ammunition to make your Savage firearm the perfect shooting session. Check out our selection of Savage firearms today!


Buy Savage Model 110 Rifle Online

Initially introduced in 1957, the Model 110 boasts the title of the oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action in North America. Reliability, durability, and Savage’s ability to continually upgrade the design to keep pace with modern shooters.

With over 30 models to choose from — including plenty of left-handed versions — the Model 110 comes in just about any flavor you want. From long-range, to tactical, to plinking, there’s a model for everyone.
Of course, all rifles come with Savage’s AccuFit system. This design allows users to customize length-of-pull and comb height.

This will give you a more comfortable shooting experience. Additionally, the rifles sport the adjustable AccuTrigger so you can fine-tune your pull.

The Model 110 is a classic for a reason and has held up over time. With this model, you know what you’re getting.

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